Canyon SCD’s 319 Project Tour – Stop Two

Our next stop on the 319 project tour was at Ubilla Farm.  A pivot sprinkler had been installed on a 60 acre field to replace a surface irrigation system.  Sand Hollow Creek runs next to the field, and any runoff/sediments were ending up in the creek.  The soil is mostly a silt loam with sandy loam areas, and has a soil loss of over 15 tons per acre per year.  Before the pivot was installed, erosion occurred at the top and bottom of the field.  The field was also leveled to improve infiltration.

Like the drip system on our first stop, the pivot system will reduce soil erosion, water runoff, allow for more efficient water application, increase plant quality, use nutrients more efficiently, and require less pesticides and fertilizers.   Water use efficiency increased by 40%, saving more than 50 acres inches per acre per year.

Check back tomorrow for the third and final stop on this great tour!

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