Arbor Day in Reubens

An Arbor Day Celebration was held on April 13th in the City of Reubens. Coordinating with the Reubens City Council & Mayor Luke Lowe for the event was Lewis Soil Conservation District, Idaho Department of Lands, Lewis County Commissioner, Bob Reggear & Sheila Hasselstrom of Reggear Tree Farm.

Reggear Tree Farm donated over 20 conservation trees. They, along with 60 seedlings donated by Western Forest Systems, Idaho Forest Products & community members, were planted next to the new drain field in Reubens.

Willis Humphrey used his backhoe to dig the holes to plant the conservation trees. Volunteers from the area that helped with the planting of these trees & seedlings were Elaine Sonnen & Karol Holthaus of Lewis Soil Conservation District, Clark Christianson of Idaho Department of Lands, Don Davis, Lewis County Commissioner, DeeDee & Connor Morris, Emma Grimes, Cheryl & Amanda Young “Fun 4 All 4-H club” members/parents. Additional volunteers were Mark Smith & Tim Tevebaugh, of Idaho Department of Lands. Wilson Lowe, Byron Edwards, Jacob Briggs, Toby Uhlenkott, Tom & Richard Sonnen.

Arbor Day was the idea of J. Sterling Morton in 1872. He helped start a new holiday in Nebraska dedicated to tree planting. It is estimated that over 1 million trees were planted on the first Arbor Day. Idaho celebrates Arbor Day on the last Friday of April each year which is also National Arbor Day. Actual dates of events differ for each area due to planting times.

This post was written by Elaine Sonnen, Information & Education Coordinator for the Lewis Soil Conservation District.


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