Canyon SCD Is Seeking an Outreach Coordinator

The Canyon Soil Conservation District is seeking a Temporary Part Time Outreach Coordinator, limited to, a maximum of 30 hours per week @ $13.50 per hour, no benefits and no overtime. Position will be effective through December 31, 2012. Must have public information and media outreach experience and valid driver’s license. Please email your resume to Lori Kent at or via mail to the Canyon Soil Conservation District, 2208 E. Chicago Ave. Ste. A, Caldwell, ID 83605. Resumes must be received by April 3, 2012.

CSCD Outreach Coordinator Duties

Written Communication
Interview landowners and write success stories for publication
Press releases/Newsletters
Email correspondence
Manage and update website
Letter to elected officials
Translated materials (Spanish)
Complete Outreach Plan for Canyon SCD
Produce feature articles
Summarize technical material
Illustration – Adobe Illustrator or Publisher
Outreach planning to include mission statement

Oral Communication
Public speaking
Telephone skills
Present technical information
Translation for Spanish customers

Information technology
Microsoft word
Excel – PowerPoint

Agency Coordination
Develop and update displays for SCD and NRCS
Present and participate in Irrigation Conferences, Ag Expo, and Fairs
Participation with the 319 tours – coordinate route, food, and take photos
Organize tours, coordinate meetings with the district
Expand partnerships
Collaborate with stakeholders
Manage & compile outreach material
Promote Canyon SCD mission


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