Senate Ag Committee Holds Confirmation Hearing for Two New SWC Commissioners

Earlier today, the Senate Agricultural Affairs Committee held a confirmation hearing for the two newly appointed commissioners to the Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission. Commissioner Jerry Trebesch spoke first, and shared some of his background with the committee. He has been involved in banking for many years, starting at Idaho First National Bank in Rigby. He moved around the state to Salmon, St. Maries, and settled in the Treasure Valley in 1983. Commissioner Trebesch leases about 250 mother cows on his farm in Caldwell.

Commissioner H. Norman Wright was next, and let the committee know he is an Idaho native. Commissioner Wright worked for the Soil Conservation Service for a short time, and then for Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service. He settled in American Falls in 1978. Though retired, he is the Lions Club president and serves on the American Falls City Council. Commissioner Wright told the committee that he felt service is important, and he is a firm believer in conservation.

There were very few questions to either of the commissioners, and Chairman Siddoway said they would be back on Thursday (January 26th) to vote on the confirmation.

Kristin Magruder then presented the rules governing the allocation of funds to conservation districts. She gave a short speech to the committee, and then took questions. Chairman Siddoway asked what the funding sources were for the maximum allocation. Kristin responded that typically, districts get funds from their county. But districts could also receive funds from businesses and anything other than an individual contribution as long as the funds were for general purposes.

Senator Bock moved to adopt this rule, and Senator Nuxoll seconded the motion. It was adopted by voice vote.

Finally, please know these are not official minutes! IASCD was in the audience today, and we took a few notes to share with you!


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