IASCD Asks JFAC To Support A Fully-Funded 2-to-1 State Match

The Idaho Association of Soil Conservation Districts wrote a letter to the twenty Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee (JFAC) members asking they fully fund the state match to local conservation districts. While the Soil and Water Commission requested an additional $174,300 to provide full match funds, Governor Butch Otter’s proposed budget did not make this recommendation. Full match funds are consistent with the provision in section 22-2727 of Idaho State Code. The statute allows a state match of up to twice the amount received in the previous year from local support.

We hand delivered our letter to the JFAC members on Tuesday.   Below you can read a short portion of our letter, or if you click here, you can read the letter in its entirety.

We know the difficult economy continues to linger across our nation and our state. Idahoans continue to make tough financial decisions regarding their small businesses or with their family checkbook. Governor Otter, the Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee, and all of your colleagues have done outstanding work to keep our state’s budget balanced.

The state dollars invested in the district match ripple out into our communities and impact all facets of our economy. We are requesting an increase of $174,300 to the SWC’s FY13 budget in order to fully meet the two-to-one state match set in state code. This additional funding will allow districts to put more conservation projects on the ground, and continue to be the state leader in natural resource issues.


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