Welcome Back to the State Capitol!

The Idaho Association of Soil Conservation District Board of Directors drafted a letter to welcomed the state senators and representatives to the State Capitol building here in Boise. We hand delivered the letter to nearly every legislator early this morning. If you’d like to read the letter in full, please click here.

The Board gave a brief history of districts and IASCD, as well as describing the work districts do each day to preserve, sustain, and enhance our state’s natural resources.

Locally-led, non-regulatory conservation is the most effective way to help individual land owners and communities preserve natural resources using a voluntary approach to land stewardship. The state dollars invested in these programs ripple out into our communities and impact all facets of our economy; less sediment in rivers means a pristine river for fishing or rafting; healthy soil means a more plentiful crop; responsible land management means a balance between species habitat and grazing.

Our districts and IASCD will be in touch with you during this session to share successful conservation projects that have had positive impacts to their local environment and provide background to you on any natural resources issues that come before you. Districts and IASCD will also share their support for a fully funded 2-to-1 state fund match to districts. This would be consistent with the provision in Idaho Code 22-2727.

During this legislative session, IASCD will work with member districts to tell our story to our state officials. Please let us know if you’d also like to write your legislator a short letter. We’d be happy to help you craft it!


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