Custer SWCD In the Challis Messenger; IASCD New Office Space

We’re taking a few minutes from hanging photos, unpacking boxes, and wrapping gifts to share two news stories that featured the Custer SWCD.

The first article was about Custer’s annual banquet, where a number of individuals were honored for their conservation work, speeches, and posters.

The second article discusses Custer’s work to improve habitat for juvenile salmon and steelhead on a local stretch of the Salmon River.

Both are outstanding stories, and a perfect example of free media. If you have a few minutes, please click on the above links to read the full story.  We encourage you to create a relationship with your local reporter, and contact them to share the conservation projects your districts is putting on the ground.

Finally, we just finished moving into our new office. You can now find us at 4696 W. Overland Road in Boise. Please feel free to stop by if you find yourself in Boise!


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