The Idaho Conservation Partnership Statement

During our 69th Annual Business Conference, the partners signed a new statement to strengthen the partnership and clearly define the functions of each organization or agency.

You can read the full document by clicking here, and we have pasted some of the new statement below.

Thank you to all those who helped craft this new document!

The Idaho Conservation Partnership Statement


We believe in strong, independently led conservation districts fully exercising their role to lead non-regulatory conservation efforts throughout the State of Idaho.


We seek to strengthen the delivery of non-regulatory natural resource conservation programs throughout the State of Idaho through an active partnership with Idaho’s conservation districts.


Through our independent responsibilities, and working together, we will provide leadership to the State of Idaho on natural resource conservation issues and successfully deliver services and programs. 


We share a common set of guiding principles to achieve our common goals.  These are:

  • Building alliances with Idaho’s agriculture and natural resource conservation partners to expand the partnership, therefore strengthening the importance of non-regulatory, voluntary conservation efforts to enhance agriculture production and the protection of natural resources in Idaho.
  • Working together to provide support to Idaho’s fifty individual conservation districts, and supporting their non-regulatory efforts of natural resource conservation and protection.
  • Promoting economically viable environmental practices to enhance, maintain and conserve Idaho’s natural resources.
  • Ensuring local control and decisions regarding natural resource conservation.
  • Involving each partner in the decision making process when and where appropriate.
  • Sharing the leadership, ownership, the credit and responsibility for natural resource protection and preservation in Idaho.
  • Communicating, collaborating, coordinating and cooperating.

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