Weiser River SCD’s Sixth Grade Conservation Field Day

Sixth graders from all three school districts, Weiser, Midvale and Cambridge, attended the annual educational field day event at Mann Creek Campground in September. Approximately 215 students, teachers and presenters were involved in the event.

The event had six stations for each class to rotate through. These stations mimic some of the stations set up for Envirothon, the largest national environmental competition held. The Weiser River SCD also does a similar event for Weiser’s first grade classes. Cambridge held an Agriculture Safety Day sponsored by Progressive Agriculture Foundation with over 90 kids, 80 volunteers and parents. Stations includes Sun Safety, Electrical Safety, Underground Dig Line, ATV Safety, Fire Safety, PTO knowledge, Tractor/Pinch Point, Water Safety, High Mountain Search and Rescue, and First Aid/First Responders.

The six stations for Conservation Field Day included water quality, wildlife, forestry, soils, fire prevention and entomology (the study of bugs). The students were required to take notes and be prepared to take a quiz.

Article by Vicki Lukehart, Office Manager for the Weiser River Soil Conservation District.


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