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Annual Tri-District Picnic

Last night, the Snake River, Twin Falls and Balanced Rock Soil Conservation Districts held their annual Tri-District Picnic. Nearly 90 people attended the event, including Representatives Jim Patrick and Stephen Hartgen. Also, A.J. Church represented Senator Mike Crapo‘s office and Hilliary Church
attended on behalf of Congressman Mike Simpson. The districts planned a short boat trip from Centennial Park to Pillar Falls. Our guide pointed out a number of geological features, wildlife habitats and other facts about this stretch of the canyon. Almost right below the Perrine Bridge is an old farm that was owned by the Hollon family. Apparently, the Hollon children had to hike out of the canyon every day to catch the school bus. Many on our boat agreed that this was the best “walking up hill to school” story we had ever heard! Today, those who BASE jump from the Perrine Bridge use the farm as their landing area.

We made it to Pillar Falls shortly after, but we were not able to walk around the area due to high water. Our guide said there is an aquifer located behind some rock outcroppings that flows year-round. He said he and friends had tried to determine the depth of the aquifer twice. Once by SCUBA diving and the next by attaching a bowling ball to a 110 foot rope to try and determine the depth. Neither effort proved successful in determining how deep the aquifer ran.

The boat trip was followed by an outstanding potluck dinner. Bill and Barbara Brockman, with assistance from Stan Haye, barbequed tri-tip and cooked cheesy potatoes in cast-iron Dutch ovens. We were all treated to wonderful homemade side dishes and desserts, as well as cold beer and soda.

Thank you to all the tri-district employees who helped organize this great event!


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