Federal Legislative Update: Next Week & Grey Wolf Statements From Congressional Delegation

Next week, the US House of Representatives and US Senate will be in session. The House will have votes starting May 10th and complete their work for the week on May 13th around 3pm. They will then have a district work period for the week of May 15th.  The US Senate convenes on May 9th at 2pm EDT.

While not directly related to natural resource conservation, the House Committee on Agriculture will hold a hearing to review pending free trade agreements. Some of Idaho’s top agricultural export markets are Canada, Mexico, Japan and China. According to the 2010 Idaho Agricultural Statistics, Idaho exported over 283 million pounds of alfalfa, field and garden beans, sweet corn, Kentucky bluegrass, peas, onion seeds and other agricultural products to 84 countries. This hearing will take place on May 12th and start at 10:00am EDT. Click here to listen/watch the hearing.

Also on May 12th, the US Senate Subcommittee on Clean Air and Nuclear Safety is holding a hearing titled Federal Efforts to Protect Public Health by Reducing Diesel Emissions. This hearing begins at 2:30pm EDT. You should be able to watch or listen if you click here.

Finally, the US Department of the Interior delisted the recovered grey wolf in the Northern Rocky Mountains. If you click the links below, you’ll be able to read the comments from Idaho’s US Senate and House members.

Senator Mike Crapo

Senator Jim Risch

Congressman Mike Simpson

Congressman Raul Labrador


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