US House Committee on Ag to Hold Hearing on EPA Regulations

The US House Committee on Agriculture will be holding a full committee hearing on March 10, 2011 to review the impact of EPA regulation on agriculture. The hearing starts at 2pm EST (12pm MST and 11am PST).

If you click here, you should be able to stream the hearing live on your computer the day of the hearing. IASCD will monitor the Committee’s website and send out an announcement once the streaming link is up and running.



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2 responses to “US House Committee on Ag to Hold Hearing on EPA Regulations

  1. Mike Somerville

    I am a Canyon Soil Conservation District Supervisor and have had experience helping agriculture meet air quality standards established by EPA. Region 10 has scheduled meetings in Spokane this month to ask for input on agricultural air quality standards. First, Districts in Southern Idaho do not have the funds to travel to Spokane to participate in this important feedback session. More meetings should be scheduled in other rural areas of region 10. One big concern with meeting air quality standards in the West is accounting for all of the particulate matter (dust) from city and county roads and all of the non agricultural traffic that contribute to lower air quality. EPA would be wise to establish a colaborative partnership of agricultural groups to help develop BMPs to address these problems. Conervation District, Farm Bureau Federation, Grower Groups and Seed producer should have a seatin this partnership. Our problem with EPA is that they seldom want this type input. thanks, Mike

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