Gov. Otter’s FY ’12 Proposed Budget for Idaho Soil and Water Commission

A few weeks ago, Governor Otter presented his FY 2012 Budget to state senators and representatives. His recommendation for the Idaho Soil and Water Commission (SWC) was $2,285,300 in general funds, and $290,200 in other fund sources for a total budget of $2,575,500.

SWC requested $3,405,000 for FY ’12, which included an additional $693,900 for district allocation, a figure based on budget projections from last spring.  That addition would fully fund the base allocation amount and the local two-to-one match.

The Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee hearing on the Governor’s proposed budget for SWC is scheduled for February 8, 2011.  If you’re in the Boise area, you should stop by the hearing to support your district and IASCD!

You can view the full SWC budget by clicking here.


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